Dia de los Muertos


From October 30th to November 2nd, the Silver City/Grant County Community will come together to celebrate Dias de los Muertos.


This year’s second annual celebration will no doubt be more spectacular than last with more vendors, more music and more participation overall as many groups come together to pay homage to those past. A fruitful partnership between The Silver City Art Association, Western New Mexico University, The Green Chamber of Commerce, Silver City MainStreet, The Silver City Museum, the Mimbres Region Arts Council, The Arts & Cultural District, Monsoon Puppets and individuals, helmed by Diana Ingalls Leyba of Leyba & Ingalls ARTS brings cultural tradition downtown Silver City for everyone to enjoy.


Activities will take place downtown: Market & Texas Streets, Silver City Museum, WNMU: Fine Arts Center Theatre, Miller Library, Parotti building and McCray Gallery. For more information, LIKE the Facebook page  “Silver City Dias de los Muertos”

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