Partick Finch of GVE said the lights would be lit by the end of this week.

"We have one more to put in," Finch said. "We have installed nine all together. They were already prepped in during the original construction."

He said these were a bonus that if money came in, they would be installed. "It didn't so they didn't set them."

Silver City Mayor Ken Ladner said the project was two phases. "We put in lights during the first phase until the money and grant were gone. When we got to the second phase, no more money was available."

He said the second phase lights, 14 of them, were still in original crates in a Home Furniture warehouse, so they were in excellent shape.

Evidently, when the change of management of MainStreet happened, communication on the remaining light fixtures wasn't passed on.

"But we're putting them up now, and we will have a ribbon cutting when they are all done," Ladner said.


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