A limited amount of professional architectural and design assistance is available to local businesses each year through the state Main Street program. Requests may be made for assistance with: additions, façades (store fronts), floor plans, lighting (interior or exterior), signage (storefront), window & floor displays, adaptive reuse, building rehabilitation, historic building nominations to state & national registries, preservation, and cost estimates. Silver City MainStreet can help you determine what kind of assistance may be most appropriate and make the application.




New Mexico Main Street also offers the Façade Squad program to groups of property owners with neighboring buildings. The program improves building exteriors with color and design assistance from professional consultants, discounted rates on paint and supplies, and community volunteer labor. Owners are responsible for the cost of supplies.




For further information about technical assistance contact:




Lucy Whitmarsh  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Executive Director




Silver City MainStreet Project


201 N. Hudson (Visitor Center)


P.O. Box 4068


Silver City, NM 88062     




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